Mr. Yip Wai Chee

Chief Operating Officer (“COO”)

Aged 56, Male, Malaysian

Date of appointment as Chief Operating Officer (“COO”):
January 2024

Date of appointment as Vice President of Business and Operations: 
January 2022

Board Meetings Attended in the Financial Year Ended 31 December 2023: 

• Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Malaya

Working Experience:

Mr. Yip Wai Chee started his career with Intel Technology Sdn Bhd in Penang in May 1993 as Assembly Equipment Engineer. During his 22 years tenure in Intel, he expanded his roles to Assembly/Test Equipment Manager, Test Engineering Manager, Operations Manager, Lean Manufacturing Manager and Senior Product Manager.

He joined Globetronics Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (“GMSB”) in December 2016 as Business and Operations Director. He manages smart devices sensor business division and be the key interface to customer. His roles and responsibilities include new product qualification, capacity planning, output execution strategies, product quality improvement and cost management. He has led multiple generations of sensor products start up and ramp in mass production successfully. He was appointed as Vice President of Business and Operations in January 2022 and subsequently appointed as COO of GTB in January 2024.

Directorship of Listed Issuers and Public Companies: