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Products & Services - LED, Encoder & Sensor

We have multi side manufacturing facility and experienced technical pool in providing the wide range of office automation and industrial automation encoder solution & different type of sensors to customers.

We have experience in handle:
  • Up to 6 channel optical Incremental Encoders
  • Range from 100 - 2500 CPR encoders
  • Tranmissive Encoders
  • Reflective Encoders
  • Optical Finger Navigation Sensor
  • Proximity Sensors
  • High mix and low volume manufacturing
  • Co-development with customer on new products

Key process capability: 

  • Chip On Board assembly  
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Various type of Cable, Header Pin,  Flex circuit soldering
  • Codewheel assembly
  • 8" Thin Flex PCB Assembly (0.4mm)

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