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Auto Die Mounting

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To mount the wafer into a mylar tape and attach to metal frame.

Equipment Type:

  • K&S ring
  • Disco ring
  • Wafer ranges from 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” & 8”

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • PCB Sawing
  • Molded Package Sawing
  • Ceramic Substrate Sawing
  • PZT wafer sawing
  • SiC , GaAs Wafer Sawing
  • Electrical test  on Vf, Vr and LOP
  • 30x -100x  wafer  inspection
  • Provide 100% Die Visual services

Die Sawing and Mounting

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Disco341 Disco2D_8
Disco6340 TSK DFL7160


To singulate units from a wafer or substrate form.

Equipment Type:

Disco / TSK (Straight & Bevel Cut: Single/Dual Head Spindle / Laser Saw)

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • K&S ring and Disco ring
  • Wafer Thickness from 0.05mm to 0.32mm
  • Saw street: as small as 0.02mm to 0.074mm
  • Spindle speed : 65k rpm
  • Die size – as small as 0.178mm x 0.178mm to 2.30mm x 2.03mm
  • Wafer size 50mm to 203mm
  • Qty per wafer : up 55k dies / wafer (11 hrs sawing)
  • Sawing conditions capabilities : DI Water resistivity with CO2 bubbler <1M or >10M, RO, H2O2, Triton-X & Diamaflow.
  • Saw materials capability : Silicon, GaAs, Silicon Carbide, Copper wafers and Ceramic substrate, PCB.

LED Sawing Experiences


  • We are able to perform Bevel Cut for special LED dies.
  • Require additional breaking process
  • Critical in control on un-cut depth (0.5mils) to prevent excessive chipping and double die during breaking

Criticalness Control on Un-cut Depth

  • Tape thickness
  • Table levelness
  • Optimum setup parameter (Z height control)

Partial Sawing Experiences



  • We are able to perform remount for broken wafer.
  • We have SRU (Shape Recognize Unit) to define the shape of broken wafer to reduce the sawing time.
Full Saw Partial Saw

Substrate Sawing Experiences

Substrate Component

  • Sawing on substrate contain of copper and encapsulant which having different co-efficient expansion.

Critical Criteria

  • Copper frame burr and chipping
  • Delam on transparent encapsulant

Criticalness Control on Sawing

  • Optimum setup parameter (saw speed, define coolant angle, DI water flow rate)
  • Chuck table levelness
  • Selection of blade type (grit size, concentration range and exposure)

Side Braze Saw Experience

Sawing Concept :

  • Engineering wafer to cut a structure out for assembly and testing.

Criticalness Control on Sawing

  • Understand saw plan and  manually program performing sawing.


  • Wafer thickness: thinnest down to 50 micron (2 mils)
  • Saw street: as small as 0.8 mils

Sawing conditions capabilities:

  • DI Water resistivity with CO2 bubbler <1M or >10M, RO, H2O2, Triton-X and Diamaflow.

Saw materials capabilities:

  • Silicon, GaAs, Silicon Carbide, Copper wafers, Ceramic substrate and PCB.

Wastewater treatment capabilities:

Capacity 60 gpm
System  Treatment  

Treatment Plant rinse water  from Plating Bath, Sawing  & Scrubber Wafer materials : Silicon, GaAS, InGaN, Silicon Carbite.

Concentrate Areas   Die and substrate Sawing STM Tin Plate & IDT Lines (Pump < 3,200litres/Month)
Operation 24hrs/day

Effluent Parameters:

To comply with Malaysian Environment Quality Act 1974 Standard B for the below parameters.

Parameter Unit Limit For STD B   
pH 5.5 - 9.0
BOD mg/I 50
COD mg/I 100
Suspended  Solids    100
Tin mg/I 1.0
Lead mg/I 0.5
Nikel mg/I 1.0
Copper mg/I 1.0
Oil & Grease    mg/I 10.0