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Environmental Policy 

As part of our commitment to Sustainability in our operations, one of the important policy aspects would be to conduct our businesses in line with sound environmental practices. In order to achieve this, we have streamlined our operations in accordance with the guiding principles of  this policy as follows:
  1. Comply with all relevant environmental compliance obligations, which includes applicable legislation, regulations and other requirement(s) which prescribed by the organization. 
  2. Create environmental awareness amongst employees, through training, publicity and involvement programs (battery recycling, tree planting, ban of plastic straws and single use plastic) 
  3. Periodic review of significant environmental impact of company activities, product and services for continual improvement of environmental management system to enhance environmental performance
  4. Emphasis on 3R (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) program to minimize the material usage and wastage 
  5. Programs to reduce energy consumption through the focus of reducing energy intensity 
  6. Promoting the use of renewable energy (solar panels on our rooftops) 
  7. Proper disposal of hazardous waste (scheduled waste disposal) 
  8. Aligning our suppliers to our environmental commitments through signing of Supplier Code of Conduct 

The management is committed to practice business conduct that minimizes negative effects to the environment, and will monitor the activities of the company in line with this policy.